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Containerized freight
We are especially engaged in arranging and performing of various goods transportation shipped in freight containers all over the world.
Great experience we have gained in the field of containerized goods transportation and long-term partner relations we maintain with the largest ocean shipping companies allow us to deliver goods for as short time as possible while maintaining careful cooperation between of parties involved in the process.
We provide multimodal door-to-door container delivery service.
For the most part, we operate ocean container freight services from Asian and Middle East countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India, North American countries such as the USA and Canada, and European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, England, France and Norway to Russian, European or Baltic ports.

We offer products and services, including:
  • Development of the best method of goods transportation
  • Prompt coordination of container stuffing and shipping in country of departure
  • Completion of goods and shipping documentation
  • Assistance in deciding disputable or delicate situations in country of departure
  • Container movement tracking and client prompt informing
  • In-port forwarding service in point of destination
  • Subsequent delivery of goods by road to final destination
  • Freight insurance
    There is no more simple and reliable thing than containerized freight!

  • Truck freight
    We offer transportation of goods by road vehicles of all kinds throughout Lithuanian, EC countries, East European countries, Scandinavian countries and CIS. It is worth to note that we maintain business contacts only with proved truck carriers.
    Because we maintain uninterrupted freight flow we are able to keep our carriers fully occupied with everyday shipments while our clients can be assured that we at all times have a stock of vehicles disposable for goods loading irrespective of market seasonal variations.
    We can guarantee prompt and high quality goods shipment by road. Our company assumes responsibility for truck freight throughout the entire line of transportation and therefore saves our client the trouble of deciding a lot of problems and incurring extra costs.

    We offer the following truck freight services:
  • Delivery of trucks for loading in due time
  • Completion of goods and shipping documentation
  • Delivery of goods within agreed dates and time
  • Truck movement tracking
  • Freight insurance

    We propose you the most cost-effective route of goods transportation based on specific features of goods and current legal requirements set by transit countries. Furthermore, we assure delivery of your goods in due time at agreed price.

  • Air freight
    Our company operates international air freight service. We cooperate with proved air carriers which provide air freight from/to Europe, Southeast Asia, the USA, Canada, Russia and CIS countries.
    We provide a wide range of services including:
  • Organization of goods transportation with scheduled airlines
  • Freight door-to-door delivery
  • Charter operations
  • Assistance in goods customs clearance
  • Delivery of goods with customs carrier in compliance with the internal customs transit procedures
  • Additional insurance of goods
    To assure safe delivery of goods is one of the most important criterions inherent to our services

  • Logistics Management
    We offer the full-line logistics management services.
    Our company provides clients with comprehensive consulting service on all matters which may arise during freight process and furthermore offer service involving development of the best methods of import/export goods including:
  • Freight planning
  • Calculation of tariff rates for shipping and duration of goods transportation at the stage of contract signing
  • Consulting service on optimization of shipping expenses
    The company's logistics concept offers planning, management and control over freight and associated finance and information flows. This allows us to make the goods transportation process as simple and safe as possible.
    We can offer the following services:
  • Consulting services relating to the arrangement of goods international movement
  • Various reference information
  • Development of cost-effective models for goods shipment
  • Shipment of containerized and general cargo
  • Goods movement tracking
  • Freight storage
  • Completion of goods and shipping documents
  • Insurance
    We can make analysis of shipping, delay, warehousing, customs or administration costs. This make it possible to select the best manner for the goods movement which will minimize the total delivery cost and secure that your goods reach destination with due care and within due time. As we use specific approach to demands of each of our clients and to each shipment we believe in long-term cooperation.

  • Customs Brokerage
    We are able to offer you the complete package of goods customs brokerage service at the Port of Klaipeda, including.
  • Determination of appropriate goods code number according to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HCDCS)
  • Preliminary estimation of customs duties and taxes
  • Preparation and submission of documentation to obtain various certificates of compliance or other permits issued by government authorities
  • Completion of declarations outwards/inwards for goods and means of transportation
  • Presentation on behalf of a client before customs authorities, and completion and support of goods customs declaration submitted throughout the entire goods clearance procedure
    In-Port Forwarding Service
    Today, any shipper prefers to employ the same forwarding company throughout all route of freight movement from origin to destination, especially when multimodal transportation of goods is used. When you leave your goods to our care pursuant to signed Freight Forwarding Contract, so you can be sure that the goods will arrive at destination in as safe and complete state as they are prior to shipment.

  • Cargo Insurance
    We can assist you to protect your cargo with insurance at your choice only with a reputable company. Also we can offer you a variety of services such as:
  • Legal assistance in getting insurance compensation from a partner insurance company in case if an event insured against occurs
  • Submitting letter of indemnity for freight (whether it is export, import or transit cargo)
  • Freight customs clearance at the Port of Klaipeda.
    Information Services
  • Keeping you informed of your cargo location at any point along line of its movement
  • We provide you with reference data on any ocean port or cargo handling terminal, and equipment or facilities they use to handle incoming/outcoming cargo.

  • Goods warehousing
    We can offer you a variety of products and services relating to handling and warehousing your goods warehoused in both China and Lithuania:
  • Goods warehousing
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Dealing with customs formalities
  • Cargo handling operations

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